We're on Your Side

Our work is based on partnership.

Four out of five of IT projects fail to be delivered on time, on spec and on budget. We want to help you beat those odds.

To accomplish this, a superstructure of procedures, checks, and balances must be in place and followed consistently. We’re experts at creating and managing a system tailored to your specific needs. No two projects are the same. One might require specialists that other projects don’t need, or require them to a different degree of involvement.

We listen to learn your needs.

Then partner with our highly skilled business analysts, UX designers, project managers, developers, testers and automation engineers at whichever level your project requires. We provide these experts to ensure a timely, comprehensive and successful delivery.

Making everything clear and simple for you.

Cider Consulting is your partner throughout the development process, guiding you through every phase to deliver on time, on spec, and on budget.